education, homeschooling, parenting

Why Blank-at-Home Mom?!

My initial motivation for starting a blog was to share our journey in homeschooling. I am a certified teacher who has some major issues with the current state of the education system (expect an elaboration post in the near future). For that reason, my husband – who also works in education – and I made the decision to homeschool. And I thought a blog would be a great way to document our progress and experiences.

I spent a few days brainstorming blog names relating solely to homeschooling before coming to the conclusion that I should broaden my scope. I realized that, while the primary motivation for this blog is currently homeschooling, I will likely discuss other daily life topics along the way. Thus, ‘Blank-at-Home Mom’ was born. Because I spend my days filling in the blanks: teachworkcreateetc. (And also because it seemed like a silly way to pay homage to the fact that I’m SUPER forgetful!)

Until next time.


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